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Ultrasound and CT don't correlate - Hypodense lesion on both kidneys

My wife has been having extreme kidney pain (left) after kidney stones and the doctors don't seem to agree on what is happening.  Ultrasound - Slightly bulky upper pole on right kidney with subtle altered echopattern and early loss of cortio-medullary differentiation.  no focal lesion on either side. Normal colour flow on doppler.

CT scan - no contrast shows nothing abnormal. Contrast - Both kidneys show hypodense lesions that are ill defined in the superior poles involving the cortical.  Right kidney also involves pelvis.  Right is 7.8x4.3x3.4cm and left is 4.5x2.9x2cm.

We are trying to see a kidney specialist but this is taking some time.  Can anyone provide some insight into why the kidney lesions are so big but can't be seen on an ultrasound.  Kidney function has been tested many times and bloods always come back perfect.  Could this be damage from something?
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Ultrasound is more of a screening test with fuzzy images. CT has more detailed images with better resolution.
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