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symptom and treatment of penile cancer

Hi i have a troubling issues i need clarification.

i am uncircumcised and i also believe i had penile adhesion around my corona.

recently i pulled my foreskin way back and notice there's a small mole about 1~2mm(max) in diameter at my penis glans. It's color is pale brown . i usually do not pay much attention so i don't know if it's new or have been there for a long time but definitely i am not born with it.

upon paying more attention i also noticed that there's a patch that resemble melanotic macule about 8mm in length and 4mm in width at my penis glans too and it's very light in color that it's more like a light bruised or birthmark.

both causes me no pain or itch and are not raised at all, they are not visible in normal situation as they are covered by my foreskin . Both are in oval shape .

Are both signs of penile cancer ?

Assuming they are . what form of treatment will be available ? considering they are rather light and only at the surface ( they expand too when i stretch my glans ) . Is radiotherapy or chemography sufficient for early stage penile cancer ?

does having a adhesion around the back of the corona increase my change or is it a high risk in developing penile cancer ?

i try search for images for early stage penile cancer but all are penis in stages where it's totally deformed .
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