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Former TC Patient With Post Vasectomy Mass :-<

Please tell me this probably isn't cancer.  

My 38-year-old husband had stage 1, seminoma testicular cancer three years ago (Diagnosed November, 2003).  He had his right testicle removed, then had two rounds of chemotherapy (carboplatin was the name of the drug used, I believe).  He has had 4 or 5 CT scans, and numerous blood workups since then, and all of them have come back negative for any signs of cancer.  

In spite of the removal of his testicle, we were able to have a second child in March of this year.  We have decided we are through with having kids, so he had a vasectomy on his remaining testicle on the 11th of November this year.  After the normal swelling/bruising went away, he noticed a hard mass/lump behind his testicle.  It hasn't seemed to grow or change since he first noticed it, but it is enough to freak us out a bit.  It feels like it is not attached to the testicle at all. In fact, it seems to be completely removed from it.  My husband regularly checks his testicle and never felt anything unusual

He contacted his GP, and she referred him to get a ultrasound done.  During the ultrasound, the technician said some things that made us even more fearful (such as "How did you figure out you had cancer the first time?"...).  We are waiting for results.

Please tell me that this isn't likely to be cancer, and that it is more likely that it is a complication due to the vasectomy itself.  

Thanks for your help!  
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I can understand your concern.  Despite the vasectomy, your husband should be getting routine surveillance that includes physical exams and CT scans by your urologist.  There is a slightly increased risk of developing cancer in the other testicle as compared to men without it.  However, vasectomy can cause the epididymis to swell as this is where sperm is stored from the testicle.  Most tumors are inside the testicle, and you describe a mass outside.  The epididymis is a gland behind the testis and can be felt distinct from the testicle itself.  Either way, have your doctor do an exam to verify.  Good luck.
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