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Potassium/Magnesium levels

by Melmc2742

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last April, husband had bladder, rectum and prostate removed. douple ostamies in place. urostomy had blockage, second surgury performed. Now he's got blood clot in leg, they have found more cancer in pelvic area, but can't release him from the hosptal because they can't figure out what is kicking out his potassium that they have been pumping into him for over a week. He's in dire need to get well enough so we can get him strong to start either chemo or radiation again.  Need answers or direction.... not getting anywhere here.

Any doctor have any advice on where/who to turn to now?   Please.. times running out

This discussion is related to bladder nodule, all tests inconclusive.

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Based on your description, your husband has a very complex urological problem and most certainly requires advanced medical care.  This level of care would require information well beyond what we can discuss in a forum setting.  However, some general knowledge of potassium loss may help. The reasons for potassium loss are numerous and difficult to diagnose in this complex setting.  Potassium is filtered by the kidneys to maintain normal levels in the blood.  Having an ostomy with high output (stool or diarrhea)can cause depletion of potassium in the body.  IV fluids without proper potassium supplementation can be another common cause in the hospital setting.  Certain medications can affect potassium levels as well.  I would discuss this in detail with his medical team in the hospital as he will certainly require long term care by doctors who know his condition well.
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