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Testicular Cancer or what?

I was having pn in my back kidney area.  I went to the ER b/cz it was severe and moved in about an hour to the ant portion of my hip and then about an hour later moved to my left test.  The pn was the worst I have ever felt.  The ER doc diagnosed me with epidimys and sent me home with sulfa med.  The doc called a few days later and I was still in pain, she suggested that I see my regular dr that day.  I went in and he did a phys exam that I could not tolerate and nearly passed out.  He ordered a ultrsnd and said that it looked like a tumor or abscess but was unsure.  He sent me to a urologist the next day.  He repeated the ultrasound after trying to feel the testicle.  It hurt too bad for him to do the exam so he tried a local.  It did not work, he missed he nerve I guess.  The ultsnd showed the same as the day before except he said that there were calcium deposits in the mass, which leads him to beleive tumor, but my sympt are more of a infection.  My med was changed the day before to doxyciclin.  The pain is still there, but a bit more tolerable.  He scheduled another ultrasound a week later and then surgery for the next day, hoping to cancel it if warranted.  I suppose my question is, 1, are calcium deposits indicative of tumors? 2. Should the testicle be removed anyway pain releif? 3. I am currently having pain in my abdomen, does that mean if it is cancer, it has spread? 4. Any other things I should know before seeing the doctor next week?
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Calcium deposits can occur in tumors and in certain non tumor conditions.

If there is a suspicion of testicular tumor, the testis needs to be removed. It is not the pain, but the need to know the histology, type of tumor etc, that guides the treatment decision.

If this is tetsicular tumor, then imaging would be required to rule out abdominal &/or chest spread.

Your initial history sounded like a stone disease- I presume a sonogram of the abdomen or kub has been done and is negative.

Also if the suspicion of tetsicular tumor is high some blood markers need to be done. This has prognostic significance and is helpful to monitor response to treatment
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An ABD sonogram has not been done, no blood work has been done yet, I expect that will happen during pre-op.  I am unaware of what a KUB is though?
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