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bladder wall thickness/one-time hematuria

I had recent issue with pain on urination, visible blood in urine once druing urination, and
woke up next morning with some blood on underwear.  Follow-up urine analysis showed NO
mircroscopic blood, and everything good.  Ultrasound showed a slightly thick bladder wall.
They called this an *unspecific finding* and suggest Cytoscopy.  I refused as the risk is small
for complications but I do not wish to risk it with no real hard data to go on.
Any thoughts, and they did say my bladder wall may be genetically thick, and men my age (51)
have a bit thicker walls anyway.  I have other confounding thickness in more obvious things like
cornea and no abnormalities there otherwise.
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Gross hematuria can be caused by a long list of possible diagnosis that ranges from no specific cause, BPH, infection, stones, and malignancy.  Even one episode of gross hematuria (visible blood) deserves a complete workup.  This includes imaging of the kidneys (ultrasound, cat scan, mri), urine tests (urinanalysis, culture, and cytology), and a cystoscopy.  In patients with a history of smoking, bladder cancer is the most common diagnosis of gross hematuria, and most tumors are found during cystoscopy.  The risks of the procedure are low, and include, infection, trauma to the lower urinary tract, and bleeding.  I would strongly suggest a complete work-up in your case and age group even if the bleeding has stopped.
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