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symptoms of bladder cancer?
I am needing to know if stomache bloating can be a symptom of bladder cancer, I went to the doctor today and I am schedualed to have the procedure done to where they run a scope up the bladder to take a look around.

The doctor is also going to do a test cytology I think that is what its called, to look for abnormal cells in the urine.

I have blood in my urine most of the time, and my stomache looks as if I am 7 months pregnant. I have to go to the bathroom alot especially at night.....5-10 times. Sometimes it hurts when I urinate ( when I go to the doctor no infection) and sometimes it don't.

I have had a upper, lower GI and colonscopy and they were all normal. I do have constipation and the doctor told me that I DO NOT have IBS. and told me to take laxitives if I need to.

I posted earlier about my kidney....it checked out ok so now the doctor is doing these tests to rule out bladder cancer.

By the way I am 35 , female, never smoked or drink
there is a history of cancer in my family....
ovarian cancer
uterine cancer
colon cancer  all on my moms side of the family.

I need to know if any of my symptoms can be a sign of bladder cancer?
If anyone would like to share their symptoms I would appreciate it.

God Bless everyone that has or dealt with cancer

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The standard workup for blood in the urine is three tests.  one is a urine test to look for infection and abnormal cells (cytology and urine culture).  Two is an xray test of the kidneys (Cat scan is most common and can also look at your lower abdomen and pelvis to find any abnormalities).  Three is a cystoscopy to look into your bladder.  These three test can identify most causes of hematuria.  The Cat scan can also assess the female pelvic organs that need to be evaluated in you as well.
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