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?? Possible kidney stone ??

I'm a 28 yo female, and have been having blood in my urine and lower abdominal cramping for 1 week now. Not associated with my period, and not pregnant. Went to the dr 5 days ago for what I figured was a UTI and was put on Cipro for 7 days. Just found out that the urine culture came back negative for any bacteria, so I am now waiting for my insurance to authorize a CT to check for possible kidney stones. Still taking my antibiotic to prevent against infection though.
I'm kind of confused, b/c all of my discomfort has been in my lower abdomen (cramping only)...no back pain, no flank pain, no sharp/stabbing pain. Have been passing visible bright red blood in urine, and some clots for the past week, and now having some blood that is leaking out w/o having to urinate.
I have never had a kidney stone before, but have seen people that have and they seem to be in severe (10 out of 10) pain. I definitely hurt, but more uncomfortable than severe pain.
Does this sound like a possible kidney stone?? Or any other ideas of what it might be??
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!!
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Still hurting...can anyone help??
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