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Urine Infection with staphylococcus aureus

I had an urine infection 3 weeks ago and doctor prescribe me cipro for 3 days.Symptoms were :urinating often and pain and burning sensation .After the antibiotic all the symptoms were gone but I woke up the 3rd day with my right foot, arm and abdomen numb. After one week my doctor called me and told me that I have an urine infection with staphylococcus aureus and they did the test and is sensitive only at cefazoline, oxacilline and Vancomycine.She rush me to the he hospital  saying that I need to get the antibiotic by IV.
At the hospital I saw a specialist in infection diseases. He told me that I have to do the test again.
After 2 days the test came out negative but he is still want me to repeat the test in  2 weeks.
In the meantime I have pain in my  back and feel like I want to go often to the bathroom. Also my right foot is sometimes numb .
What should I do? Wait another week for the test or rush to the hospital?  I have to mention that the pain is not very strong but I am more concerned about the pain and needle sensation that I have in my leg , my back and my right arm.

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