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sometime pain in pubic or bladder are during urination

Sometime  i have pain in my be pubic bone or bladder area during urination  &  it ends  when I stop  doing urin  . this has happened  8 – 10 times during this year , it never happened before .
what i observed that this pain occurs  ---

1) sometimes when i try to do urin even though  there is no urge/presser to do it ( because i did it  1 or 2 hours ago ) , but because for  going outside  i just try if there is  any thing left .

2) and sometimes when i try to do urin quickly because of some urgency ( may be for attending some phone call ) .

(for this reason  i was suffeing  from tension and as a result of this in recent days urin was coming  frequently  and sometime it becomes so urgent  , -  but this problem of urgency  now is not very serious as it was  . )

I take  3 – 4 liter of water daily , and go for urin  7- 8 times in a day  and I have no urin problem in night .

i have also some back pain problem because of  sitting long time in chair .

i am 32 years old male .

i donot know why this is happening .

i think the pain may be because of strain in bladder . and urgency of urin ( which is  less now ) because of tension .

do any one  have any idea , what i should do .

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