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11 year old with pea-sized lump on testicle

My 11 year old son has a firm, pea-sized lump at the top/front of his left testicle. He discovered it the other day, and he's been having intermittent symptoms that may or may not be related. In February he had significant testicle pain that lasted about a week, and his lower abdomen was painful as well. I took him to the ER (to rule out torsion) and they found nothing. He even had a scrotal ultrasound that week, and it was normal. He didn't have any more testicle pain until the last few weeks, when it has returned intermittently. However, he has had (again, intermittent) abdominal pain, including lower abdominal pain sometimes with urination. He has also had several episodes of severe burning in his penis after urination, sometimes with the abdominal pain.

Does it sound like these symptoms are related, and could they have anything to do with the lump on his testicle? I assume that's new since the Dr. didn't mention it in February. He does have an appointment coming up with a pediatric urologist, but I'm a bit concerned about the lump. Could it possibly be from a hernia? He doesn't have an infection (he's had clear urine tests), and his left testicle does look somewhat bigger than the right. He also says it feels like there is pressure in it.
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Very hard to say if the other symptoms are related to this - my guess is, they might be. I’d just wait for the Dr. app’t & see what’s found. Hopefully the Dr. will be very thorough in trying to get to the bottom of it & will order the appropriate tests, lab results, etc.  Since the Dr. is a Urologist specializing in children’s issues, there’s a decent chance he or she will get to the root of the problem. You are right to be concerned as a parent, tho - if you don’t get an adequate diagnosis & treatment, keep pushing to get it straightened out. Your son is at the age when he’ll soon be entering puberty (if not already) & you certainly don’t want anything to interfere w/ normal development. Please check back in & let us know what you find out - it will be helpful for all of us to know what’s found. Best of luck to you & your son...
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