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13 years old ED

I think i have erectile dysfuction at the age of 13 im scared because i plan to have sex later in life

I am scared i have masturbated to much and i think i can't get an erection. I've noticed my erection has gotten alittle softer the day before i masturbated but after i masturbated that last time i told myself i would stop. I masturbate about once a day or at night. I take breaks and try to quit for safety. My penis got hard while talking to my girlfriend but im still not sure and im insecure. I have a cold and im very scared that i might not be able to have sex without any pills.
I plan to notify my parents about this but i need some clarification on if i have ED or not. Plus i think i've been depressed from learning about this news if you could help me that would brighten my day.

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At the age of 13 you are far to young to be worrying about erectile dysfunction.

If you have pain or having problems with urinating, then you would need to see your doctor.  Nor sure if the do anything at your age for erectile dysfunction.  

Concentrate on your studies and don't worry about sex - you are too young to be worrying about sex.
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Sorry, the second paragraph should read:

If you have pain or having problems with urinating, then you would need to see your doctor.  Not sure if the doctor would do anything at your age for erectile dysfunction.
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