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15mm Stone - Treatment (Shockwave - Ureteroscopy)

Posted By Rick on February 17, 1999 at 19:08:14:

About 3yrs ago, I learned that I had a 15mm stone in the left Kidney.  My Urologist didnt recommend shockwave treatment because it wasnt causing me much pain at the time.  I started experiencing some pain, a few months back, small parts of the stone were breaking off.  I discussed this with my doctor and he said I could live with the pain, but I would need to have some sort of treatment at some point.
I am 34yrs old and I decided I should go ahead and do something about this stone.  My Urologist recommended ESWL (Shockwave) treatment.  I had the treatment on a Friday and did manage to pass a portion of the stone, by Sunday, I was in severe pain and my ureter had about 2 inches of gravel in it, which wasnt appearing to pass very easily.  I was admitted to the Hospital and my doctor recommend that he perform Ureterscopy (term??), but he removed the gravel with a scope, through the urethra.  He also inserted a Stint, to help me pass any remaining gravel.
The surgery seems to have gone well, as I dont really have any pain.  X-Rays show that about 98% of the stone are gone with a little gravel remaining.
Keep in mind that I had ESWL on Friday and Ureterscopy/Stint on Monday, the surgeries are very close to one another.  I am a healthy person, other than the stones.  I am experiencing a bloat feeling in the bladder and feel like I need to urinate about every 15mins, and I still have blood in the urine after 2 days.  
My questions are:
Is the use of a Stint common for Ureterscopy patients?
My doctor has requested that we keep the Stint in for 4 weeks.  Is this uncommon?
What can I expect after the Stint is removed?
How long should I expect to see blood in my urine? Its been 2 days and I am still seeing blood in my urine.
Is there anything I can do about the bloat feeling?
Also, I am drinking mostly water, is it okay to mix lemon juice with water during this recovery period?
I know I have a lot of questions, but your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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