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16 years old with pelvic problems

I am 16 years old and have been experiencing pelvic pain for about 5 months now. My main complaints now are pain in the prostate and bladder area, urinary frequency (sometimes) and some dicomfort getting all of the urine out. I haven't got any serious medical history besides an abdominal trauma 7 months ago. I fell off my bike and got a blunt trauma resulting in perforation of the abdominal wall and a minor injury to the small intestine. I got an operation done quickly and started to recover normally. 2 months after the accident there was a weekend out camping where I caught a lot of cold and my stress-levels were quite high. The night after getting back home I started to have untolerable urgency to urinate. It was non-stop for the whole evening. I went to my GP the next day and she just said it was cystitis. I got antibiotics and it might have been placebo, but I felt a little better. Then the symptoms didn't disappear and I went to a clinic which specializes in the health of men (fertility etc). I got my urine and sperm tested with cultures, but both came back with negative results. Doctor only said that there was some problem with the motility of the sperm, but he thought that it might have been a random find. I also had the urodynamic testing done and the results were very good with no problems. In addition, the residual urine was only 5ml. Since they didn't see this problem to be turning worse, any more invading procedures weren't done.

I wanted more clarity so I went to the urologist in the hospital where I was treated. He suspected an abdominal abscess because of the operation and ordered a CT scan. It was done in native and none pathological findings were seen. Urologist just said that since no explanations can be found he just described me some sedatives for pelvic area and said good-bye. Today I have a feeling that some of the  urinary urgency I felt, might just have been prostate pain and my brain translated it the wrong way. Because now I can feel a difference between that discomfort of the prostate and actual feeling of having a full bladder.

What should I do next? What could it be? (since no doctor actually gave me a clear diagnosis)
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