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18, semi hard erection :(


So I am 18, in pretty decent shape (I jog and lift) and I masturbate about once a day.  Ive been having sex for awhile and as far as I can remenber, I have had a semi hard erection. I was looking around online, and on a scale i found on the viagra website, I would rate my erections as a 3(hard enough for penetration but not completely hard.)  

So i am wondering what I should do to try to get harder... could masturbating so much effect it? even If I dont do it the day I have sex, its still only semi hard.  

Also, from what I can remenber, I dont  everwake up with a hard on.

Please help.
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An erection is developed and maintained by the occlusion of venous outflow from the hollow part of the penis. This includes the corpora cavernosa and spongiosum.

As you have noted that you do not have hard erections, it is possible that the venous occlusion is not complete during erection. This may result in some amount of blood leaking from the body of the penis and the consequence may be a semi-hard erection.

You can try taking Viagra and check whether you have stronger erections during the effect of the drug. This would indicate whether the deficit is biochemical or structural. If the problem is something that can be altered biochemically, an adequate diet supported by a few medications and supplements would take care of the problem. If the problem is structural, you will need to seek surgical intervention.

Also rule out whether the problem is due to inadequate arousal. The more excited one gets, the harder the erection stays.

Do keep us posted on any further doubts in this regard.
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Thanks for your input! I guess its time to schedule an awkward doctors visit.. :/  lets just hope surgery isnt the answer...

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