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24 hr urinalysis

I had to have a 24 hour urinalysis done due to my dr finding 30 mg/dL protein in a 2nd urine collection.

The 1st culture showed Epithelial cells 10-20, WBC 2++ (20-40); Tr Ketones and Bacteria – Moderate but there was no infection in the cultures they ran.

Has anyone else done a 24 hour urinalysis and had a urine output of more than 4,000 mL? (normal adult output is 1500-1600mL)
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Output is WHOLLY dependent on Input.

The more you drink, the more you pee. Make sense?

I've had a 24hr output of 6000ml, but during the 24hr period, I drank A LOT of liquids.

Is your output your only concern?
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unfortunately no, I have a long list of recurring problems since 2004.  What else would cause there to be such a large output if your intake varies daily? I really watched how much I drank yesterday and felt extremely dehydrated; even to the point my lips were cracked and my mouth was dry (literally no saliva).

Back in 2004 at age 37, I woke up with horrible left flank pain; frequent urination 40-60 times daily 8-10 times nightly; extreme fatigue “flu – like feeling”; peripheral edema; my dr did tests...everything from urinalysis, cultures to IVP; to US; nothing was found except severe endometriosis & adenomyosis both female related. This just hit me out of the blue and I had never had any type of pain and no kidney stones were found.

Since 2004, my urinalysis and cultures have shown things like WBC Leukocyetes 1-2++, Urobilogen (0.2), Trace Ketones, until a couple of months ago.  I complained in Jan 2011, I was still having symptoms and very frequent urination after all these years so my primary started running tests.

My tests showed Epithelial cells 10-20, WBC 2++ (20-40); Tr Ketones and Bacteria – Moderate, but there was no infection in the cultures they ran. I did a follow up test which showed my protein was still 30 mg/dl so she sent me for a 24 hr urinalysis, which I did yesterday.

I've had just about every blood test there is possible and everything is fine except my A1c is .2 higher than it should be. I just had 14 vials drawn Monday from my Rheumatologist to find out if I have anything Auto Immune going on but haven't heard back, so that's probably all clear also.

Since 2002, my Creatinine has been 1.0 -1.2 and my BUN 13-20  NKF says my efgr would be 69; one test will be higher then next test lower.

my BP used to be 90/60 since childhood or less; until a few months ago when it went to 189/140 for no reason; it's stayed between 130/90 - 189/140 since then. I don't have diabetes (glucose 80) but my father did have diabetes and Lymphoma.
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I'm hoping the tests my Rheumatologist did will help - he said I may have kidney damage and I have signs of Amloydosis [sp] but the CC heart doctor here also mentioned  Amloydosis...it's probably just all in my head since I haven't heard anything after 3 days :P
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can one of the dr's i see post read and reply please? thank you =)
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