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2.8 cm stone stuck in ureter??

I have a 2.8 cm stone stuck in my ureter.  This stone was originally 1.3 however it has grown in the past month.  I also have a nephrostomy bag attached to my kidney due to the stone blockage.  I am being told that I may not be able to have surgery until October due to scheduling and avialability of the machine they need.  Isn't this dangerous to me??  I am on antibiotics constantly due to getting infections in the past month two times.  I am very scared that waiting will cause this stone to grow even larger and cause damage to my ureter.  I also had bladder cancer this past February and they removed two tumors which is why they did not put in a stent after they put in the nephrostomy bag.  I am at my wits end.  Please help.
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Your nephrostomy tube protects your kidney by eliminating the blockage created by the stone. With a foreign body that communicates with the outside of your body in the urinary tract, you undoubtedly have infected urine. This is of little consequence usually and these infections are not routinely treated unless you are experiencing symptoms from them (fevers, pain-other than from the tube). You will need culture specific antibiotics for several days before they do your surgery. From the standpoint of waiting, this is more of an emotional issue and one that may affect other plans that you have, but is not likely to be bad in terms of your care.
I am really surprised by the rapidity of stone growth that you describe, but I doubt that such growth will damage your ureter. Your urologist could do a work-up to find out why you make stones and start to treat the cause while you are waiting.
Good luck!
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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