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2cm (20mm) Kidney stone stuck in ureter


Any help or advice would be appreciated.

May 27th 2010 I went for an ulstrasound (US), after a visit to my GP, and found out that I had a 2cm (20mm) in my bladder. My GP then ref to me to see a Urologist, which i did on the 22nd July 2010. He then ref me to have another US of my urinary tract, which i attended on the 29 July. At this appointment, the sonographer discovered that my stone was not floating around my bladder as we thought, but appeared to be stuck at the end of my right ureter - as it did not move when i was turned onto my side.

Before my initial visit to my GP, i was with another GP surgery, and having pain which I now know to be the stone passing along my ureter was sent for an ECG, as the pain was in my back and across my chest area. This was at least 8 months prior to my visit to my currnet GP, who initially thought it might be gallstones.

So, to sum up: this stone has been passing through my system for at least 8 months, but at no stage was i ever hospitalised. However, i have been in considerable sporadic pain for sometime, mostly at night (but not enough to warrant going to A&E). Its now the 17th August, and i have still not heard anything back from the consultant, or the hospital as to the next step, which considering i have suspected (which must be a definate after all this time) hydronephrosis (my right kidney is 1.1cmm (11mm) bigger than the left) is a massive concern to me.

I suppose my questions are:

How will they likey remove this stone? it appears to be rather a large one 2cms (20mm), considerably more so than most forums i have read.
Also, what function am i likey to have lost in the right kidney? i realise without the necessary medical details that will be difficult or nigh impossible to answer, but it is really starting to concern me.

Any information would be gratefully recieved - not sure if it matters, but i am based in the UK, and am under the NHS for treatment.

Kind Regards, Pauly

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WOW! A 20mm stone. That's impressive my friend. The biggest stone I've made is 17mm, and that was a record for me, and I've been doing this kidney-stone song & dance for 19 years.

There's no possible way you're going to pass that sucker, and unfortunately, since it's in your bladder, the only way to get it out is going to be with a cystoscopy (they'll scope you, go into your bladder, and take it out manually. They'll have to break it up into smaller pieces and take them out a bit at a time.

Not sure about how it'll be handled through the NHS, but here in the states, all you would have to do would be o present yourself in the ER, get a CT or ultrasound, and bam... they'd admit you and the next available urologist would remove it.

Bottom line, you need to get it seen to, and fast. you really don't want that thing obstructing your urethra and even trying to make it's way down and out.

Good luck to you.
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Side note: as the stone is already in your bladder, they will more than likely NOT want to try ESWL (lithotripsy). For ESWL, you need to have a non-moving target to hit/to focus the pulses on. If they try and focus a beam on the stone while it's in the bladder, the moment they hit it, it's going to jump. If it was still in your ureter, you'd be a candidate, but as it's not, you're out of luck. Sorry.
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Thanks for sharing your experience with me, and yes, at 20mm its a fair size. Having read many forums, i can't find anyone thats had one this big. To clear up though, my stone is not in the bladder (it was first suspected to be) but lhas be confirmed as stuck in my right ureter - right at the end of the tube. So i'm concerned about the loss of function in my right kidney, as diagnosis was slow in coming, and resulted in me changing GP's. Here in the UK, we generally only go to A&E if we are in severe pain, or had somekind of accident. As i only in mild discomfort at the minute, they would probably tell me to go away and wait for my consultant to contact me. I have read several articles written by Uroligists that say ureter blockage is classed as a medical emergency, and patients should not have to wait (NHS operates on a waiting list basis, they recently have improved the waiting times). Its just sooo frustrating having to wait, and knowing that things is still stuck there causing hydronephrosis, and doing god knows what damage. (phew, rant over)
As a result of any of yours, have you ever suffered from hydronephrosis? any kidney function loss? also have you had stones from both kidneys, or just one side inparticular?

Thanks again, Pauly
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I know this is a few months later, but just so you know, I have about the same size kidney stone as you! My urologist said it is about 2cm and it's causing hydronephrosis in my right kidney.  I had a lithotripsy (ESWL) done in October, and that didn't do much of anything.  So I had another litho done this month, and a week later, still nothing, until the antibiotics stopped.  I had terrible pain in my urethra and having tons of spasms, pain, etc.  Went to an urgent care center (since it was over the weekend and my doc's office is closed) and was prescribed more antibiotics along with Pyridium (pills to ease pain) which did NOT work for me.  I am still in terrible pain but a little over 24 hours later I began passing pieces of the stone.  So I guess the procedure is working, but took longer than expected to began passing.

Now, I have no idea about the loss of function in my kidney yet, I go see the urologist this week and will let you know if you're still interested.  If you see this, let me know what happened with your stone. Hope you're having luck!
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I have a question for both of you guys with the 20 mm stone. I am currently dealing with the same size stone, right kidney. Mild hydronephrosis in that kidney. Spilling protein and blood, and slightly elevated bp. I wanted to know hoe both you faired since the removal? How are your kidneys? Thank you!
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Hello. I read your entire conversation and found it very interesting. Strangely even i have formed a 1.7 CM stone in my right kidney. As per my doctors reports unfortunately the stone is in such a position (right inside the canal of the kidney) where they would have to puncture the kidney to reach it and remove the stone. Also i have been told the passage of my ureter has formed some sort of blockage which needs to be treated on?! Extremely confused and scared any help would be great. God bless in advance.
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