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30 yr old erectile dysfunction due to ritalin and concerta

I am a 30 year old who started taking ritalin and concerta (36mg - 72mg) on a regular basis for about 6 months about a year and a half ago. As a consequence I experienced erectile dysfunction. I stopped taking the meds and I still have erectile dysfunction. I have been off the meds for over a year now and I have not recovered my erectile function. I can only get a semi if I try really hard. I don't get morning boners any more and I don't get proper hard ons when watching porn either. When I have sex I use viagra - that seems to work more or less fine although I still don't have the sensation of being hard like a tight balloon like previously.

I have been to the urologist and he has tested me for diabetes and measured my sex hormone levels (testosterone and free testosterone, prolactin etc). All of these test have returned normal. I am also going to have a night time tumescence test done to rule out psychological causes. I am pretty sure it is not a psych problem as I do not get morning erections and cannot get erections when masturbating.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems associated with Ritalin/concerta after stopping?

Here are some further symptoms I have noticed:

Whilst taking the meds, I noticed that the veins in my arms, hands, stomach and along the shaft of my penis expanded in size. I also had increases in bp to about 160/70. Since stopping the veins are still more prominent than they were before.

I have less desire to have sex.

I have an enlarged varicocele (which became larger after ritalin/concerta).

Initially (for about two months), whilst I was on Ritalin I experienced increased libido and experienced really intense erections.  These erections were not very painful and although maybe they lasted longer than usual and endured after orgasm. I am not sure this was priapism as they did not last for ridiculously long periods e.g. 4 hours (unless I did not notice them because I was asleep during them). Later these stopped completely.

I have also experienced irritable bowel syndrome bought on by the ritalin which has not subsided a year after I have stopped taking ritalin.

Very occasionally since I have stopped taking ritalin/concerta (about once every 2-3 months) I experience 1 or 2 day periods where I have normal erectile function.

When taking ritalin/concerta I thought I had heart palpitations and I think I continue to have them.
I also had watery eyes, a dry mouth, bruxism (gurning jaw) and more white fur on my tongue.

The ritalin did help me concentrate but I stopped taking it when I had blood in my urine one day. Urologists analysed me after that episode and found no  bladder tumours, no infection and no kidney stones. I have not had a repeat of blood in my urine since stopping the ritalin.

Please help I am really devastated.
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Check hypothyroidism or porn abuse.
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See the article on Time Magaize, last April or May 2016: Porn and The Threat to Virility (Causes ED and Low Libido), the amount of porn watched affects your sexual organs. You became impotent right about when you get Adderall, but it was about to happen without Adderall anyways.
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