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33 weeks pregnant, kidney stones and severe fatigue

I woke up Monday 7-5-2010 with pain in my right side and went to the hospital after it continually got worse.  By the time I got to the hospital, I was in intense pain which brought on contractions and then I started vomitting.  It took a few hours but finally (after a CT scan) they figured out that i've got 2 kidney stones.  One was still in my kidney and the other blocked my kidney from releasing into the bladder I was told...which I guess is where all the pain was coming from.  They gave me dilaudid for pretty much the entire first day and then the pain went away on my right side so they stopped giving it to me.  I left the next afternoon but was horribly cranky that entire night.  Since i've come home, i've been very fatigued, can't think clearly and just exhausted.  I kept expecting this to go away because at first I thought maybe it was just me getting over the dilaudid but every day has been the same since then.  Today is the first day that I don't have some pain in my back but I also have been trying not to move as much.  I also have a stabbing pain on my top right side when I sneeze or cough and then a mild pain lower on my right side that comes and goes.  I'm guessing i've still got that stone in my kidney or maybe its trying to pass.  I'm drinking tons of water so I know there is no way i'm dehydrated.  I don't know if its related but I have NO patience what-so-ever and i'm randomly angry and just can't tolerate things.  I don't have the option of ignoring everyone and sleeping this away because i'm a stay at home mom with an 11 month old daughter.  I don't know what to do at this point.  I can barely take care of my daughter because of my lack of patience and the fact that at times I feel like I just can't stand up anymore....which is added to my being 33 weeks pregnant.  All summed up....is fatigue, anger, inability to concentrate, random pain, lower back tingling/numbness sometimes, sleepiness, etc all related to the kidney stones??  I feel like there is something wrong with me and it doesn't feel like sickness or viral.  Please help me out and let me know what I should be doing.  I have an appointment with my gyno on Monday but they don't seem to be any help right now.
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Most kindey stones pass spontaneously with conservative treatment. However, if the calculus does not pass, it may initiate premature labor, produce intractable pain, cause urosepsis in the setting of urinary tract infection, or interfere with the progression of normal labor.

Drink plenty of water and apart from the pain killers, try avoiding taking calcium rich foods. If the symptoms persist then surgical intervention is needed. This includes, ureteroscopy, ureteral stent placement and percutaneous nephrostomy.

I suggest you to get an evaluation done from a urologist and discuss the various treatment options.

Hope it helps. Take care and regards.
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