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34 years old, prostate issues?

Hey, I've had this issue since my 20s I just never cared because I thought it was normal. Sometimes when I urinate overnight at like 2am, it comes out very slow and I feel a pressure (not pain) in the area. I've never had blood, it never stopped or hurt, it just comes out slowly and has pressure. It always happens on days that I eat dairy or high fat food.

I have IBS, and I am always gassy at the same time so I always thought that it was just gassiness putting pressure on the area. Now I wonder if its the actual prostate, or kidneys? Anyone have similar?
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Well, It could be either Prostatitis or possibly BPH (Prostate enlargement). The fact it’s occurring late nite/early AM does sound like BPH to me. I’ve actually had IBS issues myself, and I think ‘fullness’ in the large intestine can put add’l pressure on the Prostate & complicate things. But the only way to know for sure is to see your Dr - he or she will want to examine the prostate via a DRE. I know it’s a little ‘early’ to have prostate issues, but it can happen even to guys in their 30s. It’s also possible you have some enlargement along with Prostatitis, which would aggravate things. Your description of slow flow & feeling of pressure definitely sounds like a prostate issue.

Good luck & let us know what the Dr says...
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