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5 days post urethroplasty.... 41yr old guy in uk

firstly apologies for any spelling as have had some painkillers and am perched awkwardly
im 4 days post op and thought id share my experience so far.
I was due to have a mucosal graft for a failed urethrotomy last year, the strictures were on the bulbal section.
I cam round from the op with a nosebleed from nasal intubation and can remember the dr and the team tellingme the op went well and they didnt have to graft from my face , a quick poke with my tongue round my mouth and i passed back out again,
Surgeon came to see me and said he was amazed I could pass urine and no wonder i had been having trouble as the stricture ,although only a mm or so was so tight and diseased (im 41) they could barely identify an opening, it was also right on the entrance to the bladder bits with a diseased segment,so they removed this segment 10mm or so and the diseased section and sewed me back together.
He was genuinely pleased with the outcome and said I would be too and explained about the effects etc and that they had had to 'dig deep' to remove it.... ermm....
anyway that was good news, i was pretty ropey through the after effects but had good pain relief. am due back in 4 weeks , district nurse popping out etc....i wont go into the hosp care but ipaid for the use of the in hosp private unit who have an nhs bed scheme where you can pay for a private room but have nhs treatment, it was superb.
So ....pain...yes , camehome yesterday and catheter is going to be a drag for the next feew weeks but manageable, managed a shower and with the useof a mirror checked my wound was okay, my testis and penis look like a couple of aubergines, imassured thhis willgo down but is very uncomfortable. Wound site is clean, dull ache and a bit sore so am sat/laid downmost of the time in between shuffling round the house like johnn wayne. My advice to anyone, tight pants essential, keep those plums contained!!
I feel washed out, a bit 'oh god what have i done' but trying to keep positive as its early days....
Bowels..... i cannot emphasise enough that they need to get moving and withouth straining and blowing the work the surgeons done and the wound apart... they gave me  lactulose in the hosp which does soften the stools but with oramoprh and codeine onboard my bowels also needed a stimulant to get them moving, finally this morning and perched with one leg on the door of the bathroom and one cheek on the loo i had a moving experience which was impressive i almost thought it deserved a standing ovation, but settled for feeling a bit feint and sweaty , i know its early days but am so glaad its over, both me and my partner workin the nhs so the sensible infecton control , catheter cleanliness and wound care are all in hand.
Im scared about the swelling and its got me down again today, so am laid on the bed now bit hazy with my feet and bum propped up and the aubergines under a coldcompress.....
Any questions please ask and any help or advice welcome, ive read horror storys about wwonky willies andshortening so i shall be monitoring closely, i did ask the surgeon andd he said the area it was shouldnt affect anything long term.
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