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A small portion of the penis head ( glans/corona ) swells a bit while peeing.


I noticed in the last couple of days that whenever I pee, the underside, corner of the glans/corona near the frenulum on the left side swells a bit and it is visibly larger a few mm then on the right side which remains the same and after I done peeing it swells back down. I have never had such a problem nor I found anything like this on the internet, I doubt it that it was like this since my 29 years on earth and just seen it now for the first time. It doesn't hurt, it isn't a lump, I have no rashes/redness no nothing however almost 3 weeks ago I had some urethral discomfort ( not when peeing though ), and the upper side of the meatus, close to the frenulum hurt a bit when touched, also on two occasions when I ejaculated it hurt and burned a bit, like there was some pressure/tension in my urethra, I thought it was an incoming UTI and took 5 days sumetrolim and that sensation has gone away. I rarely feel any discomfort at the moment in my urethra, I did a urine-culture test and came back negative as in no infection BUT I noticed this swelling stuff in the last 3 days and I have no idea what can it be. At first I thought it might be balanitis but again, I have no redness/itching/patches,painful urination, nothing at all. Any idea what could make the glans, well a small portion of it somewhat " swell " or point a bit outwards WHILE PEEING, then unswell?
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Bump. I have the same issue. Swells after urination, becomes more inflamed throughout the day and is gone in the morning when I wake up. I also have some redness in the glans region (on top) that comes and goes and I believe it is possibly due to urine. I have taken STD and bacteria tests and all are negative.

When you press on the swollen side of the glans (near the meatus) does urine discharge come out after urinating? Have you noticed an increase in dribbling as well?
No, I didn't see more than the usual dribbling of urine I have after finishing, the only weird part is this swelling that came out of nowhere when I pee and then goes back to normal when finished peeing ( sometimes when I get an erection I can see that the left side where the swelling happens isn't symmetrical anymore as it used to be ). It really messes with my mind because I have no idea what can it possibly be, I have zero rashes/redness/pain etc, it's like that corona/glans part either become more " supplied with blood " or the other side got some blood supply off. I did a urine test also, came back negative, did a blood test today and waiting for the results to come back, I'll probably then go see an urologist but if there is any doctor here maybe he/she can shed some light on this weird problem.
thanks. my issue is very similar except that i have reddish inflammation in my glans and dribbling as mentioned previously. it also seems like too much blood supply during an erection and my meatus opens at the bottom now, near where the swelling is. i have visited with 2 urologists. the 1st did not provide a diagnosis. the 2nd urologist thought it was nerve related.
Check in with the urologist today, I thought he will check my D only but I had the unpleasant surprise to get a rectal exam to check my prostate ( a really weird and messed up only way to check it out, putting a finger up in your a-hole..) , apparently my prostate is under inflammation ( says it could have been cause because I was exposed 3 weeks ago to really cold temps specially my feet and could have ignited an infecton ), put me on antibiotics Tavanic 500mg and Omnic Tocas but I won't be taking the later one ( since I don't present 90% of the symptoms for that med, like freq urination/pain in urination/slow jet etc ) + the biggest thing that determined to not take the Omnic is because of the side effects. Apparently you will have dry ejaculation/loss of libido and that's a no go for me so I substitute-it with a natural prostate herb from Fares " G80 " which is antiinflamatory/anti-bacterian and a lot more. I hope that + the antibiotics will do the trick and also see that weird swelling disappear
Thx for feedback. I met with a urologist as well. Checked my prostate (horrible test) and said it seemed normal. If it helps you, he told me to take 1g of a supplement called Quercetin (500mg in morning and 500mg at night) to see if it helps the swelling. The Doctor indicated that the supplement has been shown in clinical studies to help with inflammation of the prostate (over time). It derived from plants and can be bought at any health care store. $20 a bottle so I am trying it.
Hi ! Did your swelling go away? Unfortunately I still experience it but it swells down a bit faster now I think, but it's still there, usually 8 out of 10 times when I urinate. Have you observed a slight twist/curve in the head of the penis/glans recently? I don't know if I am bugging out or it has twisted a bit to the left ( my glans, not my shaft ).
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No, I’m still dealing with the issue. I have not noticed a curve in the glans but is it possible that it is caused by the swelling (more prominante on one side)?

Are you also experiencing issues with urine dribbling or if you press on the swelling does urine drip / discharge out of your meatus?
Well, it does dribble out because you are also pressing the urethra that way. My swelling has 80% gone, I rarely got now while urinating but I still have occasionally when sitting or before erection. I think I have might identified the cause of the problem. Because while sitting I apply presure on my perineal area. When you press on the glans/corona part and where it swells, if you put your hands under your testicles ( like, behind them on the perineal area) in the middle, you can feel something moving. It's the corpus spongiosum (continuation of the glans ) from what I read and learned through anatomy/google. There are also muscles there like the bulbocavernosus one, I think I might have somehow damaged/strained or overworked it 2 months ago when I had some intense and LOTS of sex. I started massaging that area between my anus and testicles, the perineal area, put some arnica gel also AND I started taking pumpkin seed oil/bee polen and since then I rarely get it while urinating. I stopped taking antibiotics because they messed up my arteries/veins in my testicles, my scrotum became a bit swollen and some of my veins too, so I stopped taking the last 5 pills and now I have a slight discomfort because of this **** side effect, hopefully it goes away on it's own and I didn't **** up things.
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