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Abdominal, lower back, inner upper thigh pain and more

I'm a 34yo male 6' 160 (used to be more) generally healthy but out of shape.

For the last month+ I've been having the problems listed in addition to a reddened urethral meatus.

I've also had a recurring perineal/perianal abscess.  First appearance was Sept. last year, got VERY painful but never ruptured, never went to see a Dr.  Concurrently and most likely associates with it was intense left flank/hip/pelvic pain when I would move my leg distally.

Recurred in March this year, spontaneously ruptured, saw DR. prescribed BactrimDS. 8 days had a bad reaction and stopped the Bactrim.  Clindamycin was prescribed and I started taking it 3x a day after the damn thing came to a head again last week, also spontaneously rupturing.  Hasn't recurred since.  

My main complaints are the lower back pain, inner upper thigh pain. Sometimes perineal "twinges"  Abdominal "cramping" best description. Also some rectal pain when sitting/defacating.

I'd like to think these are all due to the abscess.  I've been tested and negative for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV and HSV 1/2. (at 10 weeks)  I was NOT tested for Trichomonas, UU, or MG.

These symptoms seem related to possible prostatitis also.  Can anyone here shed any light into my situation?

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