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I  (49 year old male) am getting pain below the belly button from past 3-4 years but it was just been told by my Doctor as related to Gastric. But recently had severe burning sensation while urinating and was advised to go through the pelvic scan and routine urine test. Both have come normal but there is one observation that my 1st void was 220 cc and 2nd void was 52 cc with prevoid at 720cc. The doctor reviewed the report and mentioned that the burning sensation is mainly due to the ageing process. He has not advised any medicine at this point.

My query is

a) Is the pain below belly button and prostate ageing related
b) Does the prostate ageing induce burning sensation while urinating occasionally
c) Does prostate ageing induce sudden urge to urinate as soon as you get up in morning. This happens to me at times only once I get up in morning occasionally
d) I would like to get your feedback on a himlaya/ayurvedic product by name "HIMPLASIA".

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