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Aching in left testicle bruise or something more?

Hi, I've been having an issue over last week. A week and a half ago me and my other half were messing about and she was playing around with the nads more so than usual, at one point I felt a twinge (( of her maybe squeezing a little to tight or something )) and winced, the pain went away soon after.

I noticed a day or so after a dull ache in my left testicle, upon checking it out I found nothing out of the norm. No lumps, no bruise or anything like that so I figured it was nothing. Couple of days later it was still aching, I also noticed it's only aching if I sit down or run.

Now the thing is I tend to masturbate once a day, but after last seeing my gf and the enjoyment of the new found love with my nads I  was pretty randy and masturbated fairly roughly (( nads included ))

Since I have had the ache I have naturally been getting worried... and constantly checking/feeling them for lumps.

One problem I have now is that I can't actually tell the left one is swollen, or if I was slightly bigger anyway... I do know though that it always hung lower.

Another issue I'm having is that my balls have a fair bit of skin, I've noticed  that the bag itself has a little area where the sking feels different... and is very stretchy.

I've ruled out cancer as I have found no lumps on the testes themselves and I'm pretty sure if it was torsion I would no about it by now.

I have no other symptoms, no illness, feel perfectly fine. Just stressed as I currently do not have a gp (( trying to sort it out asap )) and I do not want to waste ane's time if this is just a bruise.

Any help would be loved. Thanks.

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