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Adult Phimosis

What is an appropriate treatment for adult phimosis?
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If phimosis in adults is not causing acute and severe problems, nonsurgical measures may be effective. Some men with nonretractile foreskins have no difficulties and see no need for correction.

Non surgical methods include: Application of topical steroid cream for 4-6 weeks to the narrow part of the foreskin is relatively simple and less expensive than surgical treatments; Stretching of the foreskin can be accomplished manually.

Some may opt for surgery treatment straight away. This consists of the removal of the foreskin or cutting a slit in the foreskin: Circumcision or Preputioplasty

Let me know if you need any other information.

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the doctor here has given some good information.

Circumcision is not allway needed, indeed stretching of the foreskin does work in some.

Just recently I had balanitis due to an infection of a catheter. After that I had some difficulty retracting my foreskin. After about 1.5 to 2 weeks things seem to be back to normal.

I also came accross a tool to aid in the process. It is priced high for a simple device, but it is cheaper then circumcision. Have a look at www.glansie.com if you like.

God bless,

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