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Amorphous debris

Hey all, having some issues down stairs recently. Ive been diagnosed with CPPS but im trying to get a test for mycoplasma. The urologist woundn't do it but he did send my first void urine when I woke up off for a basic test. It came back..

<1 WBC
<1 RBC
Amorphous debris +

Im guessing from this no WBC or RBC were seen in the urine but what is Amorphous debris? I tried googling but couldnt find much about it.

Thanks all!
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Look up the article ‘Sediment in Urine’ - it mentions amorphous debris in urine, which it says is usually harmless, but can indicate infection of the kidneys or urinary tract. It can indicate the beginning of kidney stone formation, but can also be from mineral or bacterial debris. So there can be quite a few different causes, so it sounds like more investigation is needed...
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