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AndrolGel use in women

I found out in 2019 I had low testosterone (0.6) and high SHBG (134), still same numbers as of June this year.  Back in 2019, A doctor prescribed me AndrolGel. After a week or two into the treatment I had insane heart palpitations, high BP’s, dizzyness, sweating, headaches, the works pretty much. After a month or two of ER visits and doctors telling me it’s not the AndrolGel, I stopped it. Told me everyone has testosterone in their body speech. My dosage was 1 sachet of 2.5gm 1% twice a week. That’s 25mg per packet. So I was taking 50mg weekly. I’m just finding out now that women SHOULD NOT be using AndroGel, and the amount I was using was pretty much overdosing. Is this true? Are there any women out there taking AndroGel? Was my dosage too high? Any info will be great! Thank you!
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Obviously, anything that gives you side effects that bad is probably not the right treatment for you.  Generally, women aren't given that treatment as it can cause acne, hair growth where women don't want it, and other male attributes.  In your case, you had low testosterone and high SHBG, which might have been able to be treated by dietary changes.  But people are different.  A problem is, testosterone varies a whole lot in both men and women, by the day, hour, week, etc. and even more in women than men, so the only true way to know if you had abnormally low levels would have been to test you a lot, not just twice.  You did have the same levels twice, so it might be a problem.  A question would be, how's your sexual desire?  How's your stamina?  How's your ability to build muscle?  How's your energy levels?  Low testosterone that's a problem causes problems in both men and women and if you're not having any of those symptoms, then you might just be getting tested at a time of day when your levels tend to be low.  But if you do indeed have some problem with chronically low testosterone and show the symptoms of it, a doc would have to treat it somehow.  But again, generally, that product, or any testosterone prescription, can be a problem for women if it raises levels too high.  Keep in mind that many female athletes take testosterone to maximize performance and to get those six pack abs you see in high level female athletes, almost all of whom are taking some form of testosterone but know how to do it and when to do it to hide it from the authorities of sports.  Men do this too,  Bodybuilders almost all do it.  So given a lot of people do take this stuff without getting any harmful short-term unwanted side effects, whether it affects someone adversely or not depends on the person, although long-term use is harmful for almost everyone.  Which means, did you overdose?  For you, yeah, because you got those side effects which I presume from your post went away when you stopped taking it.
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