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Antibiotics for Acute Prostatitis

I am 38 yr old, male. Take Protonix for Acid Reflux and Allupurinol for Gout. Gout is under control for last 2 years.

I have been to ER recently with painful and frequent urination, high fever, chill and blood in urin. I was diagnosed with acute protatitis with E. Coli infection. After 2 and half days of IV antbiotic ( there were 2 of them - dont knwo the name) i have been prescribed Cipro 500 mg , 2x day. But after reading about all these fatal short term and long term side effects (tendon injury, joint pain, muscle pain) of Cipro i contacted my doctor and he changed my antibiotic to Duricef ( first generation cephalosporins). I have already taken Cipro for 8 days.

How effective is Duricef for Acute Prostatitis treatment?  I have done some research about this antibiotic and found mixed infortation about the efficacy of Duricef or any 1st generation cephalosporins for prostate treatment, since according to many they have poor Prostate penetration  and thus not very effective.

While taking Cipro, I had no side effect except some strange aches in my right leg near the toe. I do not have any problem moving the legs or walking however.  

Now as much as i am concerned with Cipro Side effects, i dont want to swith to another antibiotic which is not effective enough and i might be left with the infection and a possible relapse.

All my prostatitis symptoms are gone now. and I am going to travel to New York next week for 4/5 days. I would also like to know if theres anything i should or should not do during this travel

I am seeking your opinion as to which antibiotic i should take:

1. Keep on taking CIPRO for another 13 days ? --- whts are the side effects i should be looking out for?  How common r the side effects? Should i be concerned at all?
2. Stop taking CIPRO and start taking duricef for 13 days ?
3. Talk to my Doctor and ask for a diff AB (like Bactrim)

thanks for your answer
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There are essentially four antibiotics that achieve effective levels in the prostate: Bactrim/Septra, Geopen (may be off the market), tetracycline and fluroquinolones (such as Cipro. The choice of antibiotic should be based on the sensitivities from the urine cultures. Every antibiotic has possible untoward effects, and Cipro is the one most recently noted to have some new associated problems. If tetracycline or Bactrim were drugs to which your infecting bacteria were sensitive, I'd go with either. If Cipro were the only one of the reasonable choices, then I'd go with that. Untoward effects are not common. Note the medications/food that decrease the absorption of each drug and stay away from them.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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