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Any cures for bruises to the head of the penis?

I have 4 spots. one on each side of the head of my penis and two smaller ones near the top middle. The one on the right side is larger than the left and it looks like it's a little puffy although it doesn't feel any different than the rest of the skin along the head of the penis. There's nothing solid, the skin doesn't look different or feel different to the touch, I have penile popules and the puffy section is where they were, they are largely missing now from that area which is about a half inch long. The puffy area is not all red either, only about a quarter inch long is the red spot. There's been no change for the worse since I first noticed this 5 months ago though the puffiness is lessening a little over time and the spots are not visible unless I am washing myself. The skin looks normal and healthy otherwise

I strongly suspect I know what caused this. I got in the habit of using male masturbators and if you have girth and not enough lube, you can rough up the head of the penis pretty bad I find especially if the rubber starts to rip on the inside. I used these regularly for a couple years but learning this ended the habit of using those and masturbating at all. Aside from masturbation, I haven't been sexually active in over 3 years and always used condoms.

I still got freaked out at first sight and have been watching myself like a hawk to see any changes for the worse and hoping for charges for the better. So far there has been minimal change besides what I have noted. The skin looks normal except for the slight puffiness on the right side of the penis head but the 4 red spots show themselves when I wash. There never was discharge of any kind, no discomfort urinating or ejaculating, no trouble obtaining or maintaining an erection,and  nothing that looks like legions or warts or rashes developing in other places for no reason. I know what popules look like, I've had them since I was 10, that's all that's visible.

Treatment for bruises is all over the map. I see washing with soap and water twice a day and using neosporin on the spots is one then I see advice against it because its possible the antibiotic ointment may remove beneficial bacteria which prevents other infections. I find myself only washing myself thoroughly daily,drying the area completely with a clean towel then putting on clean cotton underpants.

I lack health insurance and a job right now so any help would be appreciated as I am at a loss for what to do.Ointment or not? Washing too much or not enough? For all I know, these bruises were there for years without my noticing them. I carefully examined my testicles for lumps but I usually cleaned my penis without examining it closely
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