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Any ideas what this is?

Some general background:

2 months ago I had very brief unprotected sex with a sex worker. 2 days later I started experiencing abdominal pain and pressure in the area behind my pubic hair (i thought my bladder). Thought maybe it was my appendix but it seemed to hurt all over my abdomen and lower back. It was bearable. 3 days later I went to a clinic and got an STD test. I tested negative for Chlamydia, Gonnorhea, HIV, Trich, Hepatitis, herpes 1 & 2.

Went to my GP a couple days later. He did a urinalysis. It came back normal...no sign of infection, blood count ok, kidneys looked ok...liver fine.

He figured it was some sort of food poisoning. Put me on 3 days of Cipro.

Abdominal pain started feeling better, about 2 days later I started having pain in my groin on the right side. It just seemed to ache and when I pushed where my scrotum meets my groin, the pain increased.

No burning when urinating, no discharge, urine did not look/smell any different. Not urinating any more frequent than usual.

I got a sinus infection about 2 weeks later and was put on Zythromax for 5 days...it cleared up.

Groin pain persisted, and seemed to "spread"...i was now aching further down under my leg, perineal area. Aching started on the left groin as well.

Eventually, when my groin would ache (on and off all day) i would feel some aching in my lower right abdomen at the same time. Back is stiff and lower back aches occasionally.

Went back to the doctor, he did a digital prostate exam and said it felt normal. He then did a urunalysis and yet again, no signs of any infection. He feels we have ruled out a urological problem and wants me to go to a Gastroenerologist...it just seems like most of the symptoms are coming from the genital area, even though they didnt technically start there.

The last couple days I've noticed about 5-10 mins after I urinate, I get a feeling in my urethra at the base of my penis as if there is still some urine in there that didnt get expelled. Of course, nothing comes out when I try to urinate again. Its almost a pins/needles feeling...not very painful but irritating.

The groin pain persists and radiates into my hip and lower abdomen.

One thing I can think of is DURING my encounter with the sex worker, she ran her hand across a sensitive area in my lower abdominal area which caused me to tense up quite a bit, more than ever before. It wasn't painful, what she did, but almost like it was very ticklish and I tensed up to the point of pain in my lower right abdomen, coincidentally where the pain in my abdomen is now along with the groin ache.

I thought maybe I gave myself an inguinal hernia. However, there is no visible lump and my dock checked with his fingers in my scrotum and didnt feel anything. He said it could still be a possibility. It could, but would it be causing all the other symptoms?

SO should I go see a Urologyst? or a Gastroenterologist? Get another STD test (maybe the first was too soon?) I'm really getting sick of the constant aching.
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Have you had a testicular ultrasound done just to rule out swelling of structures within the sac? On second thought, maybe your physician did not find any indication to request for this since your examinations seemed to  come out fine as you have posted. Was a urinary tract stone ruled out?Any abdominal and pelvic scans done?

It would be wise to consult a gastroenterologist just to exclude involvement of the intestines , appendix and other underlying structures. Swelling, inflammation, obstruction of these structures may refer pain to the groin area.

Do keep us posted regarding your progress.
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