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Anybody had a "second" urolift procedure?

A little less than a year ago I had the urolift procedure done to help with neurogenic bladder (emptying) and flow.  Today I had a cystoscopy trying to track down what might be causing recurring urinary tract infections.  Nothing was really discovered, but after doing one of those flow measuring checks at the end of the procedure my urologist said he wasn't happy with the results and recommended a second urolift, or basically adding some more stents to push the prostate back away from the urethra.  Has anyone heard of this?  Doing it a second time?  It's a fairly minor procedure and doesn't hurt much, but I don't consider my emptying much of an issue (I do get up about two to three times a night) and it has at least minor risk factors I don't particularly want to take if I don't have to.
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