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Are there sometimes problems with testocerone gel?

I'm a 40 year old male. 2 months ago doctor tells me I'm healthy but slightly low testocerone. I start taking the gel
and within a few weeks I feel extremely fatigued all the time so after about 3-4 weeks I stop taking it and energy comes back. Here's the issue: a few weeks after that I wake up one morning and it burns a little when I pee. The next time I pee it only burns a slight bit and not at all since then. That's 10 days ago. No other symptoms that I know of aside from a tingling at tip of penis and a bit of pain of I push in at the pubic bone area.

My girlfriend had a uti at same time so I took some antibiotics from that. But the slight feeling at tip of
penis is still there. I did go to doctor but it will be 4 more days for tests to
come back. He tested for stds which scares me.ainly wondering if the testocerone could have messes with my prostate? Any ideas? Experiences?

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