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Atypical Bladder Dysplasia that he said looked papillary

OK. On New Years, after spending the whole month of Dec thinking I had a UT Infection. I had cytoscopy and found Atypical cells that could not be ruled out as cancerous. At the time the doc said that the next week when we went in for TURB that he expected a cancerous result, but it was a lot of it and focused around the opening by tube going to the kidney. The test came back as atypical bladder dysplasia. The three month cytoscopy showed some slow healing (I have difficulty healing for some reason), but no new cells in the two small biopsy areas he took. I had 12 years of atypical dysplasia in my cervix until they went ahead and removed the whole uterus. At removal they found it was cancerous, but did nothing else, since it was low grade and they removed everything. My recent pap was dysplasic again (going back in July) and I have HPV. Please note that before this I had only had one UT infection and that was several years before and before November I had not had any problems with Incontenince.

Doctor says that an agressive treatment is to watch the area closely, but otherwise do nothing. From talking to other patients and looking online about this young doctor, his speciality is prostate. He says that Atypical Bladder Dysplasia is not Stage 0 Papillary non-invasive Tumors and that I am being concerned over nothing. I want to know - what the facts are. I am only 36 years old and have had many problems already healthwise - including severe allergies (to most medicines and to some foods) I have had benign tumors already removed from my breast, do to their growing too quickly and I have asthma. I want this to be treated so that I know that it doesn't come back or at least that it has less of a likelihood of coming back.

Are the two the same thing or do they actually represent different illnesses?

Should a more aggressive treatment be followed or is he right and the just watch and wait is the most prudent?

I really appreciate all of your help. I am trying to find a local specialist in the Maryland Area that may know something about this, but my search is not finding much. Any suggestions of specialists in this area would be helpful too.    
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