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BPH/ prostatitis question

Hi I am a 42 year old male w prostatitis and BPH history
My main symptom is
Frequent urination and my prostrate area feels hot. My behind prostrate area is tingly at times then I have to pee a lot
I have to pee every 45 minutes. Very aggravating. I have an enlarged prostrate. I just was on bactrim  DS for 6 weeks for Prostatitis cause of pandemic they could not see me. My urine is always clean. I was given flomax but refuse to take it because of ejaculate going backwards and might faint. What can I do to solve this? I usually go to acupuncture but this pandemic is closing everything. Can you have both prostatitis and bph
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Prostatitis and BPH are similar. How and when were you diagnosed with each?

I'm not here to convince you to take Flomax - that's a decision only you can make. I just want to make sure you have all the information. Depending on the dose, either .4 mg or .8 mg, only 8.4% and 18/1%, respectively, of men experienced any ejaculation issues. Again, depending on the dose, 14.9% and 17.1% experienced dizziness, respectively. http://products.sanofi.us/flomax/flomax.pdf (Click on prescribing information at the top.)

Those are real concerns, though. My dad took Flomax, and definitely had the dizziness issue, which is a result of blood pressure changes. He was 30+ years older than you, and had prostate cancer, so your experience may be very different.

I don't know if you have prostatitis or BPH, or both - https://www.healthline.com/health/enlarged-prostate/prostatitis-and-bph That's up to the doctors. Has anyone been able to examine you or do any blood work or anything?

A lot of men here have reported improvements in chronic prostatitis by stopping caffeine. That seems to make the most difference. It isn't a cure, but it can help.

Yes I have stopped caffeine my prostrate is big.. have erection problems the prostate feels inflamed.... it’s hard to get an appt w a dr. I have 3 months worth of the flomax but as I said al afraid to take it.... I will get hold of my dr.
Let us know what happens.
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