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BPH solutions?

I have had BPH for years and take the Generic for Flomax.   I've reached the upper limit on the amount of that drug.  I take Saw Palmetto twice and day and that helped at first.  Now, I'm having lots of BPH issues.  I tried the AUA test and scored very high (Severe) and I'm pondering what to do.  I have a mixed series of symptoms.   There are times I void a lot during the day and night.  Surging to attempt to empty the bladder happens pretty much all the time.  I have the "Tank not 100%" a lot.  Less frequently I leak after urinating.  And then there are periods I don't notice anything out of the ordinary.   I guess its "mixed"?

It looks like the surgical way to go is TURP.   I have looked at the other options and they all seem to be on the side of short term solutions.  I would like feedback from anyone who has had TURP (Or the other treatments) and could tell me how satisfied they are and how long it kept them from going to work?

Another solution (I think?) is to use one time catheters.   I've tried this a few times (My Emergency Backup plan) and its ok.   I wonder if anyone has experience doing that?   Is this a Kosher way to put off more invasive solutions like TURP?   I'm not freaked out by surgery but my insurance is not super good so catheters seem like a less expensive short term solution and I don't miss work which is important.  I've taken off time for another medical issue and would rather not earn anymore frequent flying miles in surgery every 6 months.

Can anyone suggest anything else that I may have missed?   *Note I'm really not keen on the hormone control drugs.  The possible (Probable) side affects are no goes for me.  

Sorry for all the questions.  Any feedback from people with the "Been there and done that" crowd would be most appreciated!
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