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Back Pain after Kidney Stone

I went to the ER about two weeks ago in great pain. I never had a kidney stone in my life. ER Docs did a urine sample and it showed positive for blood in my urine. They guessed it was a kidney stone. So they took some xrays and did a CT scan as well. By the time it was all over and done with - the only thing they could tell me was that it "looked like" i "had" a kidney stone (though i NEVER saw anything in the toilet and when I started with the symptoms i kept watching for one!!) because they did not see any on the xrays or CT scan the only thing they could see was that my ureter was dialated (and said it could be from me passing a stone).........here it is two weeks later and i am still having pain in my back in the area of the kidney. Its not a constant pain either - it comes and goes and usually hurts the most if I sit up straight. I cant afford to go to the doctor so I am trying very hard to tough it out - but its driving me bonkers not knowing what the heck is going on!! Any help would be appreciated! (The pain does NOT radiate to the front either it is just in the back in the kidney area). Thanks.
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A consult with a physician is always best given a symptom of pain. If possible, get a second opinion. If a stone has been a differential, serum calcium ,urinary calcium , and uric acid levels may need to be determined. Do you have a history of kidney stones in the family?

Your CT scan ruled out the presence of a stone. It is possible that you have passed it out.Other differentials would be musculoskeletal and nerve related pain, an underlying infection, structural abnormalities in the bladder or urethra, or a spine problem.Intermittent pain that may vary with position and is  associated with blood in the urine may suggest ureteral stones. Pain medications may help alleviate the symptoms. Were you prescribed with any?

Take lots of water and set a daily exercise schedule.Avoid dairy products for the moment due to its high calcium content.
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No history of kidney stones at all. This was my first experience with it. They gave me pain meds that lasted five days - which was two weeks ago so as you can see no pain meds anymore :)  

I only drink water - I'm allergic to dairy so no danger there. That's why its such a mystery to me. Thanks for the input!!
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