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Bacterial Infection


I posted a similar question concerning relationship between STD and prostatitis in the STD forum but thought I would get a Urologist opinion as well.  About 5 years ago I tested positive for Chlamydia, treated with doxy for 2 weeks, symptoms went away.  Not long after that I experienced dull ache in testicles, slight pelvic discomfort.  My PCP did not at the time diagnose as prostatitis but gave me a 2 week course of bactrim and symptoms seemed to get better.  Ever since then off and on...every 18 months or so these dull ache symptoms return.  I have seen a urologist a few months ago for my latest discomfort and he prescribed 2 weeks of cipro, then 2 weeks of doxy and finally 2 weeks of augmentin.  Symptoms wax and wane some weeks better than others.....seems like I probably have non bacterial prostatitis/pelvic pain and need to work on other management options.  However I am still worried about an STD infection that is persisting and there seems to be a lot of disagreement out there on STD and prostatitis relationship so my specific questions are the following:

1) Can Chlamydia or Gonorrhea 'hide' in the prostate and not be detected by NAAT urine tests?  My tests are negative
2) Could either of these STD bacteria still be present anywhere in the body after such a long period of time?
3) Do Chlamydia or Gonorrhea infect in the prostate and thus cause bacterial prostatitis?
4) Do Chlamydia or Gonorrhea cause non bacterial prostatitis and if so then I suppose normal STD treatment would eradicate?
5) If chance these organisms due infect inside the prostate what tests should I have completed to ensure I do not have it?

I am concerned that I have a negative urine test but still could infect partner as STD is deep in prostate and thus requires prostate massage and special sampling etc.....

Appreciate your thoughts....
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