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Bed wetting at 30 years old??

I am a 30 year old female of ideal weight for my height and last night i wet the bed, seemingly for mo reason at all. I am currently undergoing all sorts of tests as I have had no periods for over 3 years, somehow in the middle of this I managed to get pregnant, which my partner and I were delighted about. My baby is now 11 months old and my periods have not returned.
I am under an endocrinologist as there seems to be a problem with my pituitary function, I also have a swelling on the left side of my abdomen that has been confirmed to not be a hernia, it is also very painful for me to have intercourse and also for my nurse to carry out a smear test. I have recently had antibiotics for a water infection and feel as though there is pressure on my bladder but have never experienced incontinence or bed wetting before, I am quite concerned and I don't know if any of these factors mentioned above could be linked.
I would appreciate your opinion.
Many thanks.
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How are you? Were there imaging studies done in your lower abdomen or pelvis? Adult nocturnal enuresis or involuntary voiding of urine during sleep may be caused by a variety of issues including genetic, anatomical problems like detrusor overactivity, urethra or primary vesicle neck obstruction; bladder irritants; medication side effect;  medical conditions like  diabetes, urinary tract infection, urinary tract stones, neurological disorders, urinary tract calculi. Your history of pituitary function problem may also be contributory. It is best that you have this checked by your doctor or be referred to a urologist for proper evaluation.Additional diagnostic tests may need to be done. Take care and do keep us posted.
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