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Believed mild phimosis

Hello this probably isn't a major problem, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I can pull my foreskin back just fine when it is flaccid, but when it is erect I feel it gets really tight. I can pull the foreskin about halfway down my gland with a little tightness no problem. If I proceed to reveal my glans completely with an erection my penis head gets purple with a tight pain and discomfort, I can manage to pull my foreskin back to normal but this usually results in me losing my erection soon afterwards. I was a little worried but from what I looked up it isn't frenulum breve because my penis does not bend when I pull the foreskin behind the glans. From what I can tell it's a mild stage of phimosis or stage 1. (I got that from a sketchy website not completely reliable that's why I'm here) from what I know I can just stretch the foreskin manually over time. That's why I'm here any help on my condition or how I can improve on it? Or if I'm mistaken and there is something more serious.
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You can buy a stretching device called a glansie or just use your fingers.You can get steroid creams from a doctor that will help with the stretching.If bad enough a small cut at the opening can be made to open it up a bit.
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