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Bilirubin and LDL Question

I am a 48 year old Male. 180lbs 5.7' Very active swim 3 days a week ride 2 days a week until recently 3 weeks ago. Hip issues and now getting better. I recently woke up with Vertigo. 2nd time in since 2009. Went away the next day. From that point on off and on my upper stomach turns a lot. I eat and it eats food. I have been urinating 6 plus times a day it seems I have tracked it a couple of times. Good solid bowel movements. I recently had blood work done:  My skin seems to look a bit dry. i also have lost weight by changing my diet and not exercising. I stopped drinking cola's and cut out any sweets I have had. Possible not enough protein or iron.
All things were negative-
Total Cholesterol 180
HDL 56
LDL 109
Trigl- 91

Bilirubin total 1.5 and range should be 0 to 1.2.  I am wondering if this would be a cause of my stomach issues..I am a bit concerned because I have been active and healthy with no known issues my whole life.
My Vitimin D 25-Hydroxy was 38.4  the range is 32. to 100.
Please let me know your thoughts.
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