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Bladder Cancer/ Surgery complications

Posted By Nick on May 03, 1999 at 11:38:17
Dear Doctor,
I am a 59 y.old male,nonsmoker. Two months ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Last month (April)I had a cystoscopy transurethral surgery (one 2cm
by 2cm tumor growth and 2 other smaller tumors were removed). I was advised
to return to work the second day following the procedure and to resume normal activity.  So I did.
After 3-4 days I experienced complications and I started to feel weak.
I was admitted in the hospital with an arterial bleeding from the site of
first surgery.  Another cystoscopy transurethral surgery was performed on me
in order to seal the arterial bleeding. I was given NO additional blood to make up for the loose.
The second time around, the same doctor advised me to limit any and all activities to a minimum.
Seven days have passed since my second surgery. I have been resting in bed with very litte activity. How long does it take for the wound to heal in my bladder? When can I resume normal activity?  

The muscle of my bladder was attacked by cancer and the cancer is in the second stage.  What procedure should I have in order to check for metastasis? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

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