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Bladder/Kidney Infection Unanswered

I'm 30 years of age and was just to the doctor (MD Internal Medicine) with symptoms of a bladder infection (painful urination, frequent urges, chills) which I'm familiar with, only this time I had some spotting and very bad lower back pains, and a possible fever the one day, but none since...thus the reason I went to the doctor.  Like an idiot I took 2 tylenol before going to the doctor, so I was feeling better while I was there.  I was given a urine test, but at that time I didn't pass any blood.  I was prescribed Cipro 500mg for 7 days for a UTI/possible kidney infection.  I'm now on my 5th day of meds...here's a quick breakdown.  First day, minor spotting/minor pain...2nd day- excruciating lower back pains (hurt to sit, lay, stand...just couldn't get comfortable) and heavier spotting, no fever.  The next 2 days the pains were basically gone, but heavy bleeding like a heavy menstrual cycle or worse for those two days still no fever.  Today I thought it was gone, but some minor spotting at the end of urination.  I called my doctor yesterday because seeing blood is making me very uneasy and scared...and she asked that I report in on how I'm feeling...but it was her day off, so I explained to the receptionist my symptoms and questions, she contacted the doctor's voice mail and she never returned my call....2nd day now and I've heard nothing.  Don't want to see her again being treated this way....don't know what's wrong and I won't go to the hospital...I feel physically better now, just the bleeding is concerning me mostly because my last menstrual cycle was very late December, so I'm not due anytime soon.  I'm wondering if this is normal with bladder or kidney infections, or if maybe this is a possible miscarriage that I was unaware of?  Looking back now, I had extreme soreness and sensitivity in my breasts for a good 3 weeks which I don't get as a PMS symptom,  but when my period arrived, I figured I wasn't.  I am a smoker, and so many problems have similar symptoms, but I've never had back pains or bleeding....If you could put my mind at ease a bit with some answers I'd be ever so grateful.  Thanks for your time.
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Firstly I suggest that you see an OB.GYNE for your symptoms.If this is indeed a miscarriage then immediate intervention is needed. Vaginal bleeding or spotting points to the reproductive tract as a focus of the problem.There may be an underlying urinary tract infection however, a thorough gynecologic examination will help exclude other problems.

When was the first day of your last menses?
Is your menstrual cycle regular?
Do you easily bruise? Any gum bleeding or reddish spots in the body?

Have you any urinalysis done?A radiograph, abdominal and pelvic CT scan may help rule out any structural abnormalities including urinary tract stones.

I hope this helps.Keep us posted regarding your progress.

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Thank you kindly for the response~
My last cycle was 12/27/07 - 1/3/08 - it was several days later that I started feeling a UTI coming on...they usually last 8-12 days with only heavy flow the first 3 or 4...the rest of the time is lighter or just spotting, but they are always regular...either to the day or a couple days off...just a bit lengthy.  Don't bruise that easily no....no gum bleeding or red spots.  Had a urine test done, from what she told me it's a bad UTI or minor kidney infection....claims the Cipro 500mg will treat both...urine was sent to a lab in case I had an allergic reaction to these meds...but as I said...this doctor's very disappointing...I'm finishing my antibiotics...feeling great except for bleeding...I've never (I know I should have long ago) seen a GYN or had any tests done other than blood work, urine tests....minor things.  I'm a big baby when it comes to this stuff.  I am anemic also...so fatigue is an issue as well... Drinking tons of water and cran juice as always...Thank you for your quick response...appreciate it much.  Any info is great....thank you again.
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