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Bladder Stones

My Dr says he cannot determine what a bladder stone is caused by.  Does anyone have any knowledge on this subject?

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Bladder stones may not be as common as that of kidney stones and mechanism for their development is not as well understood.

However, in calculus or stone formation it is important to note that certain factors play an essential role:

Urine supersaturation,the interplay between crystallization promoters and inhibitors, particle retention and the matrix content (1).

Supersaturation refers to urine supersaturation ( less water,the higher the concentration of particles)with certain salts.This is influenced by water intake. The inhibitors and promoters may help explain why not all persons who have supersaturated urine actually form stones.The presence of crystal inhibitors may delay or prevent crystal growth which is important in stone formation.When this crystals have formed,their further development in the urinary tract depends on the amount of time that they shall stay adhered in the lining of the  of the urinary tract.As the stone develops,it is important that there should be a basic foundation that will give them their specific character.This is in the form of organic matter called the matrix (1).

Stones may have formed in the upper urinary tract and lodged themselves later on in the bladder.An infection and bladder outlet obstruction such as a prostate problem may increase the risk for bladder stone development.

1) Gillenwater,J.Y.et al. Adult and Pediatric Urology.4th edition.2002.pp 358-360.
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It turns out my bladder stone was uric acid and it probably was at least partly caused by urine backing up due to bph.
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Hi there,

bladder stones are usually caused by salt or alcohol, its also often genetic, if someone in the family had them.

If they cause really bad pain to you, you should get them removed.

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