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Bladder burning sensations

  Dear Doctor, I have been having burning sensations in my bladder periodically.  When I go the urine feels very hot, and burns.  I'm confused because I can't tell whether it's actually in my bladder, urethra, or in my vaginal area.
  I am taking estrogen for menopause.  My family doctor checked my urine twice and said there was no infection, no bacteria, and no blood.  I did have a stone that got caught in my ureter tube 7 yrs. ago which I didn't know that was there aside from pressure and burning all the time.
  I have seen my gynecologist who checked the vaginal area and said it was pinker than normal.  I have also gained some weight, so wondered if the area was just rubbing.  He has switched me to the estrogen patch.
  The burning episodes don't happen all time.  On a good day, I don't feel anything at all.  On bad days, I feel it and after I go, it burns.  I do drink lots of water each day. I exercise walk.  And I also take vicodin for headaches, ziac for high blood pressure, and prilosec for the stomach problems.  
  Can you tell me if there is any research that says that menopause can cause these symptoms.  Or if having an active intestine with lots of flatuence can cause an active bladder.  I know you can't diagnose, but I just need an area to follow here.  Thanks for your help.
Dear Jani
Thanks for your questions.
Your symptoms can describe vaginitis or a urethritis.  An inflammation of the vagina / external genitalia or the urine tube, respectively.  The vagina looked inflamed according to your GYN and maybe due to lack of estrogen.  If so the estrogen replacement should help, but not overnight.  This same process can lead to symptoms of frequent urination also.    I doubt an infectious cause because you describe no discharge or malordorous smell.  The only thing I would recommend you having checked is a urinalysis to rule out a urinary tract infection that can be treated easily with antibiotics.  A stone may show blood cells in the urine.  
Active bowels do not mean one will have an over active bladder but there has been an association between irritable bowel syndrome and interstitial cystitis.    
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