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Bladder discomfort: decongestant
30 year old male in UK. No history of bladder problems and onset of symptoms was sudden. For about a month now I've had the following symptoms:

- Continuous mild discomfort/pain in the central/left side of bladder.
- Intermittent sensation in urethra like urine still trapped in it.
- Intermittent trouble urinating - slow flow/trouble initiating flow.

1)early Nov. - common cold started.
2)mid Nov. - most of cold symptoms gone, but snottyness remained so I tried taking oral decongestant (Phenylephrine Hydrochloride 5mg).Took a couple of doses over a couple of days. Bladder symptoms came on around this time. Snottyness gradually stopped.
3)late Nov. - went to Dr. At this point I mentioned the cold but not the decongestant (the possible link didn't occur to me). Urine sample tested and no bacteria found using in-surgery testing kit. Was told that watchful waiting is the best course as it's not been long and that it could just be I have a spasmodic bladder.
4)05 Dec. - spoke to Dr. who said they had forwarded the first urine sample onto the hospital and that bugs/contaminates had been found. The Dr. asked me to provide another urine sample and take that to the hospital direct. Then I should start a one week course of Trimethoprim antibiotics 200mg (1 every 12 hours).
5)12 Dec. - finished off course of antibiotics.Phoned up Dr. as absolutely no relief from symptoms.Was told the second urine sample had come back clean. Dr. would arrange for an ultrasound to see whether my bladder is emptying properly (waiting time 3-4 weeks).Raised issue of having taken decongestant around the time of onset, but no interest shown.No further prescription given.

Symptoms suggest BPH, though I haven't even had a DRE yet.Supporting evidence on the web suggests to me that the decongestant I took is to blame,but I would have expected the effect of this to have dwindled by now.I'm worried that the longer this goes on, the more difficult it will be to treat. Any advice appreciated.
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