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Bladder infection and ultrasound

Recently I suffered a bout of abdominal pain which was located in the middle at the bottom of my rib cage. There was a constant dull pain with waves of sharp pain that would come 2-3 times and hour (the sharp pain I would say was similar to labour pains). At the same time I had headache and constant nausea and even tho I was hungry I couldn't bare eating for the nausea. The pains and nausea lasted a week and 2 days into the pains I had obvious blood in my urine (also confirmed by my doctor), this lasted 2 days. All through this episode I managed to keep topped up with water and had a slice of toast and a yogurt (the only 2 things I could eat over the week). I lost 10lbs following this episode.

I visited my doc, who examined my tummy (which was VERY tender to touch towards my ribs and to my right). He felt my kidneys (no pain) and my bladder (also no pain) the doc did mention my pancreas, gallbladder and appendix. I have had a blood test which came back normal, and my urine test came back no infection. So my doc has referred me for an ultrasound scan, he told me that they'd scan my whole abdomen.

I had my scan on Tues (2 weeks after referral). They looked at my kidneys, bladder, ovaries, liver, pancreas and spleen. Whilst scanning me the man asked what antibiotics I was taking and was surprised when I told him I wasn't on any. He explained that there was infection and that I would need to make an appointment with my doctor. I was told that the results would be with my doc that eve (scan was at 3.30)!

Sure enough, the results were with the doctor that eve, much to the receptionists surprise her words were "this doesn't happen often!" So I made an appointment for the following morning.

At my appointment my doctor tells me that the scan report was all normal. When I explained what was said to me the doctor showed me the report, all normal!

I have spoken to the scan department, the lady on the phone tells me that "infection doesn't show on a scan anyway so it's nothing" this is not true.

What should I do? Is it likely that I have infection that hasn't showed up on urine tests but has on ultrasound? Could the person scanning me have made a mistake? could they have mistaken something else for infection on the scan?

I'm not sure what to do and I'm worried that if I do have an infection it is going untreated :(
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Hi there!

It is unlikely for a urine test to have missed a urinary tract infection. An ultrasound scan is not sensitive to detect infection, though it may be able to detect severe cases with abscess formation or effusion. The scan is likely to have been done by a technician with limited knowledge to read images possibly resulting in the erroneous conversation. The final report is formed after review by a radiologist and if it reports normal, the scan in most probability is likely to be normal.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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An ultrasound scan does not pick up infections.  Infections are normally detected by urine or blood tests or by visual examination, eg throat infection, ear infection.

Ultrasound scan does pick up abnormalities, like stones and cysts and organ damage.
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