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Bladder is driving me crazy. Please help me!

I'm 21 and I've recently started having an over active bladder (well that's what I think it is) so basically I have to pee all of the time, I began thinking a lot of it was mental, as I have to go 3 times before I can go to bed, even the slightest trickle, unless I cannot stop thinking about it. I have been put on medication for overactive bladder- vesicare, but it's not helping at all. the last couple of weeks I have really needed to strain to even pee even though it never feels empty, it's ruining my life, I wake up several times in the night to go, despite not needing it, I work full time and it's absolutely exhausting me, so I find it difficult to actually go to my doctors surgery. Any help or suggestions would be greatly greatly appreciated! -Els x
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we have the same problem do you try ultrasound of your bladder? mine has urine retention and thats problem i urinate every 1hr
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I'm in my late 50's now but always had frequency/urgency and sometimes even incontinence (from urgency).  Once I starting working I also sought drugs to help with that problem.  Recently I've been getting UTI's that really never go away despite antibiotics so the urologist scheduled me for a cystoscope which is a camera on a thin wire used to view the bladder.  Turns out he couldn't even do it because my urethra was too narrow.  He even tried dilating it in his office and had to stop.  He then did a pre and post urination bladder ultrasound which showed incomplete bladder emptying.  So it's entirely possible it's a stricture/stenosis that could be causing your constant need to empty your bladder.  Straining to urinate is a significant symptom.  I'd suggest after you've finished to just sit there and see if an urge comes back.  Often I find a little more will come out.  I'm now scheduled for a dilation while under sedation (as it's too painful).  I've read this may have to be repeated even more than 1 X's.   The reason why I'm only now getting UTI's from this is because of lack of estrogen in vagina so I have to use medication for that too.   There is also something called interstitial cystitis which mimics symptoms of UTI like frequency and urgency.  Did you ever get a work up to find out why you have over active bladder?  If not I'd suggest that.
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