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Bladder issues during sex

I recently developed a problem controling my bladder during certain types of sexual acts.  I've never had this issue before.  I became sexually active for the first time in over a year w/my partner and during our first 'interaction' I felt a very warm and extreamly wet sensation.  Later it became clear that I had lost control during the act.  Now I will say that this happens only when things are a bit more on the aggressive side but with others that has never been a problem. Should I be worried?
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Doesn't sound like urine but a clitoral organism. It is not stick but clear with no odor like water.......if that is the case inform your lover that it is normal. Google female organism!
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I agree with pamela_jo. If this is indeed the case, you are a lucky woman.
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lol, google or wikipedia "female orgasm" (not organism)
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